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Psu requirment for msi r6870 twin frozor II

I just purchased a msi r6870 twin frozr II and plan to get another for crossfire, i need to know what psu will work for my single card and be strong enough to power 2 in the near future
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  1. 650W should be enough for 2 and will give you a bit of headroom. Just make sure to buy from either Corsair, Seaonic or Antec for psu
  2. Can some one explain this to me, how can i determine the proper psu for this situation? Only thing i can find is this card is recommended to use a 500watt psu...i will be runnin 2 of these in crossfire so how can i determine the amount of watts needed????
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    AMD recommends 600W power supply for CF

    However you don't want to overwork your PSU. I rather have 750 working at 60% than 650 working at 80%
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