Extremely high idle temps i5 2500k stock cooler?

Hey guys my new pc that I built is acting pretty awkward. When I first set it up, the motherboard had to be replaced. During the time that it was being replaced the pre-applied thermal compound dried up. When I got my new motherboard I put it in and started seeing in Bios the core temp resting around 70C. I bougt arctic silver 5 and applied it using newegg`s method. My temps in idle stick around 70C (I think). Going into Bios it starts at about 60C and raises to over 80C. I have the Bios settings to tell me when the cpu reaches 80C+ and I shut down right there. Why are the temps so high? I`m using stock cooler and it is not overclocked at all. I am able to browse the internet and watch videos in hd without a problem, but this is really freaking me out. I was planning on waiting to buy an aftermarket heatsink but now I think I should buy it. What is really wierd is that before I sent the motherboard back, in Bios the cpu temp would be about 50C-55C at idle. There is plenty of air flow in my case and I don`t even have my graphics card installed (I was waiting for the 660 ti). Anyone know what is causing the problem?
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  1. BIOS doesn't have any power saving features, so it's normal for temperatures to be higher than you'd expect (although I don't think 80C is normal at all). What are your temps at the actual desktop? That's where you're going to get an accurate reading, not BIOS.

    Also, are you sure the heatsink is seated properly?
  2. Is the heat sink properly installed? Intel ones are known for being hard to get installed correctly and if the pins are not completely in you will have heat issues like you describe. Also using too much or not enough thermal compound can also cause heat issues, but My guess would be the heat sink is not installed all the way.
  3. What I would guess is that the thermal paste is messed up, maybe you didn't clean up the old thermal paste enough and it is messing up the temps, or maybe you did not do a good job spreading the thermal paste. What I would do is get a HYPER 212 EVO and use the artic silver, that should solve all of your problems, my i5 2500k was getting around 80 Celsius at load and I decided to go with a hyper 212 EVO and my idle temps went from 50 celcius to 27 celcius and my load temps went from 80 to not even going above 55. Here is a link to the CPU Cooler, If you want to save $15 bucks you might want to go with the old model, which is the hyper 212 PLUS, here are links to both products, both of them will be great but with the EVO you will get a little lower temps.

    EVO - http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16835103099

    PLUS- http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16835103065

    It also might be that you just did not correctly install the stock cooler but I would not waste the time, just order the after stock cooler, hope this helps.
  4. *Update* I just checked out Speedfan 4.46 and it says the temp is a little under 40C at the desktop. I just got on steam and am going to try to play something and see what the temp is.
  5. PablosPandas said:
    *Update* I just checked out Speedfan 4.46 and it says the temp is a little under 40C at the desktop. I just got on steam and am going to try to play something and see what the temp is.

    That means that your temps are fine..... I would still get an after market cooler though, lower temps mean more life to the computer!
  6. Just played super meat boy for about 5 minutes and temps reached around 70C
  7. I'd say reinstall your CPU, HSF, and thermal paste. Triple-check everything to make sure it's all proper (not too much Arctic Silver, HSF is seated fully and correctly, etc) and then see if you still have the same problem.
  8. Just found the problem. One of the pins on the stock cooler broke off and it was slightly hanging, exposing the cpu by barely one or two centimeters. Still getting high temps but I guess I should probably get a new cooler. I will probably go with the hyper 212 evo since I live like 5 minutes from a microcenter and its like $5 cheaper than newegg. I just hope it fits in my mid tower case.
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