Need help to rebuild

Ok so my Mobo finally went dead and I think it's time to upgrade anyway but I don't have a lot of money. $400-$500.

That makes it hard to find anything worth a damn so I need some help on what to buy.

What I have now:
680i LT Mobo - DEAD
corsair XMS memory - 8gb
Q6600 - Kentsfield socket 775 - 2.4 GHZ
6 WD Black 2.5 GB HDD's

I'd love to upgrade but I'm not going to get far because if I upgrade the CPU I want an I7 2700 or nothing. No point in upgrading to a new cpu without looking into the future. I'd rather spend next to nothing just to get the Q6600 back up and running and wait.

Anyway, what i'd really love is a new MOBO, ram and CPU for the above price range. Or just a new MOBO.

Anybody know of a good board that will accept my ram and CPU and can still upgrade to I7? That'd be perfect. Even if I need new ram.

I've been looking at getting this board

This ram

and I want the I7 to be this

I am willing to negotiate but I don't just want some cheap crap that's not upgradable SO ideally the MOBO would have to accept my CPU until I can get the I7.

So, who can help.
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  1. If you get that MoBo (or any current MoBo's), it would not accept your CPU because of the socket (LGA 775 while current one's are LGA 1155). What voltage is your old RAM. It has to run at 1.5 V for the current MoBo's to accept it.
  2. I have that mb i got a ib i5-3440 in the mail and should be here today. I had a working 775 system that a few years old that i am upgrading to the new ib. the 1155 mb may not be here next year from reading on next intel cpu there going to use another cpu slot format. amd the only one that has the slot a boards that can handle there older chips. if your short on cash save your self soem cashe nd get the non dust covered version of the asus boards or a gigbyte board. the i5 running web and normal apps is not going to be much slower then the i-7. the other option pick up a new or refurb board from new egg and wait.
  3. you guys aren't really answering my questions. I can't find a replacement board of same that I have.

    There has to be some better answeres than these.

    Keep em coming.
  4. Ok, so somebody just help me with the best Core I7, Mobo, & RAM. I can spend about $1000.
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