No digital signal 6970

I just got my Sapphire HD6970 dual fan/bios yesterday, and I can't get a digital signal from the DVI. I've tried other cables, switchin DVI port, but still nothing.
I've tried connecting a DVI>VGA kable and that works fine, the HDMI also works fine, but non of the DVI's work while using digital.
Anyone have any idea? Faulty card perhaps?

My rig:
asus m4a89td pro usb3.0
AMD 1055t
8Gb corsair dominator
corsair 750HX PSU
Syncmaster p2250

I connected my XBOX 360 to my monitors DVI connection and it works fine. I connected my pc's DVI to my HD TV and it works fine. But when i connect my pc's DVI to my monitors DVI the monitor just goes into stanby mode.
How is this possible?? Is there some setting I'm missing?? Confused!!!
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