220 watt psu gaming?

hi i need some help im wanting to know if i can get a ati radeon hd 5570 on a 220 watt psu that is not only powering my desktop but is also powering a 17 lcd moniter so if anyone has any guidence i am happy to accept
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  1. A desktop psu powering a LCd monitor? how does that work?

    well the graphics card uses minimum 38watts and must go to 50-60 under stress, so what are your system specs?

    A System in idle
    Core i7 965 / X58 based and overclocked to 3.75 GHz.
    with that graphics card at full load. = 196W

    so i think you are ok, just not sure about this LCD powered monitor, are you sure it is being powered by the psu? isn't just the outlet (extension of the energy) that some psus have? if yes it is nothing more than a extension they did this to turn of the screen with the psu no power is wasted from the psu if i'm not mistaken.

    if the psu is not something generic you will be ok, but if you are using a generic psu with time will start to show problems.
  2. ricardois said:
    A desktop psu powering a LCd monitor? how does that work?

    till the early -90s it was common for the psu to power the (CRT) monitor as well. I'm sure my 386 computer did it, not so sure about 486dx4.. it might have shifted to the modern setup.. Likely it just routed the mains voltage through to an outlet for the monitor 3pin plug

    BAsed on this, it sounds like op's system is really old, so there wouldn't be pcie slot in the mobo for the 5570 anyways... probably just some ISAs and PCIs...
  3. i have a intel core 2 duo running at 1.86ghz with 2 gb ddr2 ram at the mo and the pc is a enlight bare bones all in one kit i will supply pics if needed
  4. its also based off a shuttle psu
  5. the 5570 idles at 8W and max usage under furmark is 46W

    The 17'' lcd cant use more than 50w...or can it?

    So it should work...
  6. fatninja32 said:
    i have a intel core 2 duo running at 1.86ghz with 2 gb ddr2 ram at the mo and the pc is a enlight bare bones all in one kit i will supply pics if needed

    it will work normally since with a much wastefull i7 system with that graphics card got lower wattage. just make sure your psu can really return the 220w (if it is good will handle even more).
  7. ahh ok i just though id ask cuz i didnt really want to spend over £100 on a psu that is only gonna be 80 watts more than what i have at least now i can start looking for a a card thanks again
  8. uv both been a great help and thanks for the table kari :D
  9. You're an excellent candidate for a HD7750; uses 55W max, but performs better than a HD6670.
  10. thanks all iv just found out that the hole pc is using 175 watts of power thats including the monitor so now i know what i can and cannot handle thank u all i will post a reply once i have purchased a card
  11. If the monitor is plugged into an auxiliary socket on the PSU, it does not pull its power from the PSU; it will be directly wired to the A/C input through a switch. Only the PC itself draws from the 220W limit of the PSU.
  12. its an all in one based system so it takes its power from the psu i shud know i wired the dam thing :D
  13. fatninja32 said:

    well if you don't wan't gaming you can go for it.

    I don't know what you did to make the psu power the monitor, but what you can do is connect the monitor directly to the wall plug if it really is using the psu, releasing some 50w that it is probably using, and go for the 6670.
  14. well its how they instructed you build this kit also it means that i have to have a draping cable when ever i have to move it, its hard to explain but thanks for the suggestion i will try that out first i know some one who has that card ill ask to borrow it and i will tell you what happeneds
  15. hey would a gt 220 work the toal it takes is 60 watts
  16. GT 220 would work, but only for normal tasks, not gaming. Also, what's your budget? Maybe there's an option to change PSU as well, along with GPU.
  17. Your CPU and RAM will BottleNeck the card.. ?
  18. ahh right well iv actually tried a radeon hd 4550 and it is working perfectly I'm getting 60+fps on med-high settings on blackops and iv also tried a hd 5450 and I'm getting 75+fps on high settings so I'm gonna order a hd 5450 as I realised that my motherboard will only accept a maximum watt of 25 which is a bit annoying but at least I'm sorted I also tried tf2 and I'm getting 75-100fps on high settings with aa x2 so ty all and it just shows that low wattage cards can game XD
  19. And I meant my pcie x16 slot will only take a maximum of 25 watts as it is apparantly an Eco motherboard
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