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Intel HD Graphics or Geforce 210?


I am considering upgrading to a new Intel Core i3 processor which according to the Intel page will have Intel HD Graphics 2000/3000 for graphics. I am also considering getting a new GPU like Geforce GT 210 but am not sure if its worth it if the two graphics processors are the same or if the GT210 is worse. I will primarily be playing games as old as Morrowind but wouldn't mind support for some of the newer ones. So could you tell me folks? How does the HD Graphics series rank against the 210? I realize the 210 is old but I'm in India and this is the best I can get on my budget. Thanks.
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    What resolution is the monitor your going to be using?

    The HD 3000 graphics should be more powerful than a GT210.The graphics core itself doesn't have more than 256mb of RAM but it allocates system RAM,usually this degrades perfromance,but since DDR3 desktop memory is faster than the DDR2 of the GT210 it shouldn't degrade performance

    Keep in mind though that those benchmarks were used with a i7-2720QM and a i5-2500k.

    But if you can I suggest you wait for the Ivy Bridge processors coming out in April.Those processor have a 75% increase in the GPU part so it is way faster than Sandy Bridge graphics and worth the wait if you don't have the money to spend on a graphics card since the processor should be the same price as the current ones.
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