Need some critique on my first computer build

Hi everyone, I'm about to build my first computer. Me and my friend came up with this computer build together:

I would love to read some feedback and critique on it and any suggestions. I'm loving it the way it is so far but if there are any incompatibilities and changes I can make for the better then I'll of course change it right away. Thanks for any and all help. :)
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  1. what no solid state drive for such a high end system?
  2. Oh yeah, forgot to include that in the list. I was planning on getting this one later on when my budget increases.
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    That's a nice build. You've not said what it's for...just gaming or other stuff too? Reason I ask is that if it's just for gaming, you don't need more than an i5-3570K. I'd also not get a Coolermaster PSU...go for one from Seasonic, XFX, Corsair, Enermax, Be Quiet! or Silverstone.
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