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Ok, here it is; I bought a 5.1 package setup off Newegg when I was building my new rig cause it was on sale for $99 from $250. I got this thing only to find out that the only audio input is RCA. I happen to have cord in my misc junk that goes from the green output of my mobo to RCA. I have sound but my computer only sees it as stereo. Basically the 2.1 - 5.1 is controlled on the unit itself. In games I cant hear voices that would normally come the center speaker. Any suggestion? Did I waste $100?

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  1. Check your motherboard manual regarding analog 5.1 out at the rear?
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    Buy 3.5mm to rca adapters and connect up the rest of your pc's 5.1 outputs to their rca inputs.

    edit - you will need two of those cables and they also come in 6ft length if you dont need 12fters.
  3. Yes, as "popatim" stated, you will need 2 more RCA to 3.5mm cables for 6 channel audio(5 speakers + sub), totaling 3 cables 3.5mm cables plugging into your PC.

    This cable should theoretically work just fine, I'd suggest you buy 3 of these to keep them all the same.

    Once you connect all your RCA to 3.5mm cables go to windows sound control panel and set your speakers for 5.1 audio via your sound device settings.

    Good Luck!
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