New Gaming pc won't turn on

hi all
My gaming pc won't power on.
I was taking out the Graphics card, a gtx 560, since I'm planning to upgrade to dual 550 ti's tomorrow.
I have a 750 W corsair tx750M PSU, and a gigabyte z68 ud3h mobo. when i press the power switch on my case, nothing happens, with or without the graphics card. Do you have any reccomendations? It's fairly new, only 6 months old.
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  1. Double check all of your power connections, especially the 24 pin mainboard, and 4 pin CPU connector. It's possible you knocked one of your motherboard connections loose when you took out your graphics card. Also double check your front panel wiring, the power button wire may have been knocked loose. Most motherboards have a light on them that indicates whether they are receiving power or not. If there is no light active on your motherboard, then it's not receiving power.

    Also, 2 550Tis is not really a huge upgrade over the GTX 560. SLI is also not properly supported by all games, you may have been better off buying a better single card, rather than 2 weaker ones.
  2. Also check to make sure the rest of your hardware is properly seated. We had someone turn up at an event with their computer only for it to fail to start. It turned out that the memory was not properly seated.
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