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Macbook pro/windows 32 bit(shoud be 64 bit! bootcamp wont allow BF3, WHAT ABOU M

Last response: in Windows 7
January 18, 2012 2:11:22 PM

Greitings Jedi!
I might need the force on this one.
I installled bootcamp window 32, (friend instALLED, I UPGRADED RAM TO 8 GIGs. i configures with nvidia chip I shold hop It needs to be run in 64 bit to actually maimixe RAM. Havent switched to 64 bit winows 7, Bottonm Line, can you guaantee MW# will work on macbookpro, there is a spam secutity fiilter thqt won't let me through. DO YOU know of anyone tht ha BF# on apple?
January 18, 2012 2:26:55 PM

eeeh.... what?

Which graphics card does your MacBook Pro have? That's the only limiting factor for Battlefield 3. Guess you need at least a 6770m for BF3.

MW3 should run on all MacBook Pros with dedicated graphics. I don't think the Intel HD 3000 can run it smoothly, but the older GeForce 320M should run it on low settings.