GTX 560TI 448 SLI Power draw

Hey all. I'm wondering how big of a powersupply I would need to be able to run the GTX 560 TI Twin Frozr III 448 in an SLI configuration? Currently I have the Rosewill GreenSeries 630 Watt, which is running a single card as well as 8 120mm case fans perfectly fine.



Thanks for the help (also any explanation as to why x PSU is good would be nice, I'd like to learn :D ). If you need any info on any other hardware sitting in my case, let me know!
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  1. SLI at least 54 amps, I would go for a TX750!
  2. Each GTX 560ti 448 should draw about 21A @ +12V when fully maxed out. Something you may rarely do. And in SLI they will actually be less than 21A doubled.

    Be sure your +12V rail(s) have that and more.
    PSU calculator:
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