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Hello everybody. I am wondering how capable my system is for putting videos onto youtube from my computer and using a program like Sony Vegas to edit videos and FRAPS/Bandicam or livestream to record gaming footage. Also, is uploading videos to youtube more bandwidth dependant as opposed to hardware? Any other tips/tricks or hints would be awesome. Thank you so much everyone.

Athlon x4 640
Gigabyte 760g matx
XFX 7750
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    Your computer should be fairly adequate to do the tasks you plan to do :)

    Light video editing shouldn't be a problem as well, and recording with FRAPS is more dependent on your HDD speed (write speeds).

    Uploading videos onto YouTube is 100% Bandwidth related, not your hardware.
  2. Awesome thanks for the response mocchan. Now I'm still new to the whole video editing business but I've been reading that I need to RAID HDD's and whatnot in order to properly video edit or cut down overall time spent?

    I currently have my 1tb HDD and I was gonna get an external to backup data. I was also thinking of picking up an SSD as a boot drive and use my HDD for the rest. Would that be as good as a RAID setup? If I'm thinking about it wrong please let me know. Thanks again
  3. Yes RAID will certainly increase your productivity when it comes to scratch disks.

    Basically when video editing, the faster your scratch disk is, the faster you'll be able to do your job.

    However about RAID, make sure the drives are 100% IDENTICAL, and make sure both are inside your case, not internal and external.

    SSD as an OS drive and one HDD or two HDD's in RAID as your storage/Scratch Disk would be the optimal configuration I would like to consider :)
  4. Awesome thank you again mocchan. I was also wondering, My router is really far away from my computer and have to use WIFI for gaming. Speed isn't that great for dl'ing uploading etc. I'll probably end up bring my desktop over to a friends house to upload but I was wondering if my slower wifi will affect my Fraps recording significantly?
  5. Well as I've previously stated, FRAPS is highly dependent on the device you're recording on, not internet. You can get better FRAPS performance by recording on a drive you don't have your game installed on.

    For example - I have a game installed on my SSD, I will play the game which is loaded on the SSD, then record any FRAPS footage on a different storage device :)
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  7. Ah thanks again for clearing that up mocchan. I am a noob to this I know. I really appreciate the time you've given, learning never ends they say.
  8. honeybadger23 said:
    Ah thanks again for clearing that up mocchan. I am a noob to this I know. I really appreciate the time you've given, learning never ends they say.

    You're very welcome :) and that's true what they say :lol: I still learn interesting tid-bits every single day!
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