Vga splitters and extended desktops

Hi all

A friend wants to run 6 screens, with each of them showing different parts of his desktop and not just cloning the desktop.

I suggested the rather costly Matrox route of combining a twin and quad graphics card (total cost about £550).

He popped into the local PC store- they recommended a 6 way VGA splitter at a fraction of the cost. They even gave him the maker's phone number and they confirmed that it would work.

I had always though that VGA splitters just cloned desktops however searching through this forum there are many members that claim that they use them to extend their desktops. I can't see how that would be the case, especially without the use of 3rd party software. Is there any truth in their claims?
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  1. You are correct! A video splitter just displays the same image on all outputs. It does not support extended desktop applications. Another option would be to check Digital Signage solutions.
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