Vcore help!

My first post, i just joined today xD.


Hey everyone, I'm fairly new to building computers etc, but about 2 months ago or so, i built my first computer. I didn't worry about anything like OCing my CPU or GPU etc, so i haven't messed with anything like voltages, i just left it as-is after i built it.

But last night i had a Vcore voltage warning or something pop up in my bottom right corner of my screen it was to fast and i didnt get to read it before it dissapeared.

So, my question is, do these voltages look right to you? Also, if not, what's wrong with it? Are the too high or low? Is it damaging, or not?

Sorry about all these questions but again, i am new to all of this so i don't know very much at all. Thanks!

If you need any additional info, please tell me so.
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  1. they look fine, looks normal for a high frequency PHII chip
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