Storage & Motherboard buying for my home server.

Hi guys,

I recently wanted to upgrade my home server to increase the harddrive size. I would also like to make it into my own NAS. To do this I was seriously considering just buying a NAS alongside my server, but they cost a bit too much. For example I was considering this one:

So instead I was thinking about buying a 4 bay RAID enabled harddrive enclosure such as:

But unfortunately my server does not have a USB3.0 slot or an eSATA slot. (I then considered a PCI card to do this, but my motherboard is only PCI not PCI-E, so would be too slow). Also my motherboard only has two SATA connectors and does not support port multiplying or RAID.

So I thought then that I need a new motherboard, with PCI-E, more than 2 SATA connectors (maybe an eSATA), that can handle RAID or Port multipying (depending on which hdd enclosure I buy, as some just hold the hdds and some have controllers built in). It also means buying new RAM as mine is DDR2.

Unfortunately all the motherboards I can find (with intergrated cpu), either use too much power (my psu with my case is 60w), doesnt handle RAID/PM or doesnt do what I need it to.

So basically can anyone suggest a good solution to my problem:
I either need a cheap-ish and reliable NAS (4 bay, RAID/JBOD, preferably has the bays visible at the front, etc.) OR

Somehow get a hard drive enclosure that can work with my motherboard (an enclosure that has a RAID controller, eSATA output, and then plug the eSATA into my SATA connector, but I would have to have a RAID setup that only shows one drive to the mobo, as it doesnt have PM) OR

Buy a new motherboard & RAM (that requires < 60W, (has PCI-E)?, has 2+ SATA connectors, has an intergrated cpu (as i dont want to buy a new cpu), and has Port multiplying).

I currently use my server to host a minecraft server. But if I can I want to use it as a NAS (Aswell), to hold music, pictures and make backups to.

My current server:
OS: Ubuntu 11.10 with SAMBA, minecraft, SSH etc.
Suza Advance 3905B Mini ITX Case -
AsRock 330 A330GC Mini ITX Mobo -
RAM - 4GB (might be 2, cant remember) DDR2
PSU - came with case - 60W
Current HDD - some 250GB WD I think
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