Computer screen is blank.

i got a new gaming computer for my birthday back in december

today while having problems with nvidia I decided to disable the Intel Graphics

as soon as i disabled it in the device manager, the computer screen went blank :/

now whenever i turn on the pc the screen is blank

need help please

p.s sorry for any mistakes English is not my main language

i have a GTX 560ti and a i5 2500k @ 4.3ghz overclock

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  1. plug the monitor into the graphics card instead of the mobo
  2. And how would I do such a thing? sorry i'm no computer expert
  3. unplug it from the motherboard where it should be currently plugged in, and locate your gpu and plug the cable directly into the graphics card.
  4. now that i have done that, i get the BIOS screen telling me i have had boot failures because of overclocking or voltage changes. It says press any key to continue but that does not work
  5. slhpss said:
    plug the monitor into the graphics card instead of the mobo

    Slhpss.......he is probably right when he says to plug your monitor cable into the graphics card, instead of the motherboard. If u remove the monitor cable that is connected to your motherboard, it's going to be on the back of your computer, top left area, where most of the other cables are plugged in as well. usb ports, etc... You need to know if it's analog, dvi or hdmi, etc... Then, you lookk further down the back of the computer case, where the add in cards would be located. One of them will be your graphics card, it probably uses the same connector that the motherboard (on board) graphics card uses. if not, you will need an adaptor that should have come with your graphics card. Just moove that cable from the on board card to the add in card, and it will probably work, Sometimes, it's necssary go into the bios and make changes.....and that is fifficult to explain without knowing which bios u have, etc. good luck
  6. the press any key button probably doesnt work because it's a usb keyboard, and the drivers aren't loaded yet, in that part of the booting process, get an adaptor and plug the kryboard into the older style connector at the top leaft side of your mother board. i think it's green, if i remember correctly. that will make your keyboard work thrpugh out the boot op process.
  7. if he has a mobo supporting a 2500k that doesn't support usb at boot then he already jacked up his bios... press f1 f2 del whatever it says to "enter setup" or bios at boot and then find the option that says reset to default settings and save...

    I'm pretty sure the setting that would screw usb at boot is usually called something like "legacy usb support" make sure that is off if you don't want to reset the entire bios
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