Core 2 Duo 2.2 better than Pentium G620?

When I go on and see if I can run Crysis it tells me it cant meet the recommended system requirements because I have the Intel Pentium G620 and the recommended CPU is a Core 2 Duo 2.2 GHz. I'm pretty sure the G620 is better? Is it not? It's not just Crysis either, other games do it also like CS Go.
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  1. The only 2.2 GHZ C2D that comes to mind is the E4500. Your Pentium G620 is way faster and better than that. Matched with a decent GFX card, the 620 should play Crysis just fine. What card do you have and what resoluiton do you play at?
  2. I have a GTX 560 se and I play usually at 1680x1050. It says everything else is well above the recommended specs and should run fine but it must not register the CPU I have. Going to buy a new Mobo and CPU and another 560 in around 6 months though. So for now this will work
  3. Wait. What doesn't register the CPU?
  4. by systemrequirementslab. Its not a big deal but its bugging me that it says I can't run games because it thinks my CPU is not as good as a dual core with 2.2 ghz.
  5. It's obviously reading your system wrong. I wouldn't let that sway me. Your CPU/GPU can run Crysis just fine at 1680x1050. I used to have the same display and a lesser CPU and GPU that you have and it ran at medium settings just fine.
  6. The effects do not fully open, and you have configured about the same. The ... very reluctantly is expected to be card.
  7. Yeah there shouldn't be a problem. I'm getting a average of 50-60 fps on Far Cry 2 with ultra settings.
  8. Then you should be fine.
  9. Great! good to know man thanks!
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