Computer Crashes when loading games.

Its a new computer, When I load games such as BF3 or APB reloaded it crashes.

As soon as I load BF3 or when I try to load into APB my fans go crazy then the computer shuts off.

After about a 5 seconds the fans stop then it powers down and powers intself back up.

It doesnt do it with games like league of legends.

My specs are

Windows 7 ultimate 64

Intel i7-2700k
16 gb ram
Nvidia geforce GTX 570
Intel DP67BG extreme series motherboard
800watt power supply (cant find the extact model right now will keep looking)

I am not sure what I can do to fix this, any help is appreciated and Ill keep up on giving any other info needed to help me fix this.

Thanks guys
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  1. When I enabled V-sync on my game it actually let me load in but will still crash a minute or two after playing. any suggestions?
  2. Are u running on the stock settings?

    Other games are running fine?

    Did u build it?
  3. my friend just built it for me.

    Everything is still stock.

    The only games ive played on it are

    BF3 which crashes the second it comes up

    APB reloaded when i have vsync enabled it plays for a minute or two then crashes.

    League of legends plays just fine with no issues.
  4. try reinstalling the game, it might just be a faulty file in the game folder.
  5. If the computer just shuts off and reboots the first thing i would check is the temps,

    use gpu-z and make sure its set to log and you can use cpu-z.
  6. U may fix the issue by installing the correct graphics drivers.
  7. i made sure the graphics drivers are up to date, I ran furmark the hottest it got was 70 and it didnt crash the system

    I will check with gpu-z right now to be sure
  8. Also install the game patches.

    Battlefield 3 (BF3) PC Crash Fix and Fixes to Freezes, Errors, Stuttering, Poor FPS, Lagging, Mouse Bugs, CTD, Launch Crash, Origins Crash

  9. Does it crash to BSOD or it restarts or else?
  10. It doesnt give me a blue screen, it basically completely shuts down but the fans go into overdrive then restarts it self a little while later and boots back up.

    Game still crashed after all updates I used gpu-z and this is what came out of it.

    GPU Core Clock [MHz] 732.1 (entire time)
    GPU Memory Clock [MHz] 950 (entire time)
    GPU Shader Clock [MHz] 1464 (entire time)
    GPU Temperature [°C] 49.0 until the very last second when it crashed it went up to 50
    Fan Speed (%) [%] 41 (entire time)
    Fan Speed (RPM) [RPM] 1860-1890
    Memory Used [MB] slowly rose from the start to crash 153-543
    GPU Load [%] 0-4 at the time of the crash 6
    Memory Controller Load [%] 0-1 at the time of crash 2
    Video Engine Load [%] 0 (entire time)
    VDDC [V] .9880 (entire time)
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