$500 build, have some parts

Hey guys, i have a Monitor, Case, Disk drive

So yeah, $400-500 build, i need a Processor, Motherboard, Graphics card, Hard drive and Power supply
(If you can fit it in a cheap gaming mouse and keyboard)

Im hoping this can run games such as WoW on High/Ultra and atleast CoD Mw2 on High atleast..

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  1. what kind of case do you have?
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    Well, Wow Is not that demanding, so u can actually get a nice system with that budget, First of all we You need To Answer Some Questions.

    What Resolution is the Monitor??? For example Mine is 1600x900 a 20 inch.

    Disk Drive??? In the Back of the Disk Drive there Comes Information about the Brand, Serial Number. Please Copy those here so we can Know if you can still use it.

    Case: What Case?, You are not saying if its ATX, Micro Atx, Mini Itx or if its Slim. Please say the Brand of the Case and the Model.

    Floppy??? Really?.

    For 500 Dlls you can build Yourself a New Gaming pc. I will post my Build to you.


    Total 465

    This build will max Wow and MW2. I couldnt get a mouse and a keyboard. Anyway Answer the questions Above to see what we can Re use.

    I couldnt Find Videos of people Pairing the Cpu and Gpu but i will leave you one here of a user using the same cpu and a lower video Card.
  3. Thanks for the reply! Helps alot, i am actually getting the parts of my auntie's computer because she got a new one, all i know at the moment they are dell, but hopefully i'll have a reply in about a 3-7 days, thanks

    Run WoW and Mw2 max settings? Sick!

    Edit: Mass Effect 3 Ultra? Wow, you're the best :D
  4. Old Dell case is not suitable for gaming system, as the air flow is not optimized, unless your aunt's system was a gaming machine. Actually most major brand home PCs are not built for gamers, so it will have heat problem. My cousin had a Gateway machine with pretty good processor/GPU at the time, for mostly WOW , but eventually things went wrong when the heat damage accumulated. If you want to play games in high setting, you need a gaming case with decent air flow. And floppy drive is almost obsolete these days. Do you really need it? Otherwise, don't put it in your system.
  5. Alright, can you link me a cheap gaming case then, im sure the monitor is 20 inch, 1600x900 this is the case Dell GX280 Small Mini-Tower P4 (DHM)
  6. Something like this

    But for the case, I think design is also important, for example, someone like me will be really annoyed by case with lightings and muscle-car type outlooks while many other people prefer them. So you better check amazon/newegg/microcenter and find a design appealing to your eyes, with 4 or more stars. I would recommend Antec Three Hundred, but even this low-budget case will be a little bit over your budget range. Again, customer reviews on those sites are really helpful.
  7. Thankyou very very much! Been a big help you two :D

    You guys got me in my budget! I think im going with MKBL's case but the rest with chulex yeah, thanks guys ;D
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