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Hi all,
This my first time using this forum so i am sorry if this is posted in the wrong section (please move if so..)

Here's whats happening:
When i press the power button, the LED's and Fans start up, you can here the HDD's being accessed but then it cuts all power.
If you leave it, it will redo this again (takes about 2seconds) but on the third attempt it will stay on but not go to POST.. no beeps, nothing.

What i have done:
01: Connected the green and black wire on the the ATX plug (from psu) = psu stays on.
02: Manually jumped the power switch on MOBO with paperclip = same fault as above.
03: Disconnected all cards & drives = same fault as above.
04: Rotated the ram, trying 1 at a time = same fault as above.
05: Removed MOBO and PSU from case = same fault as above.
06: Disconnected the 4pin cpu pwer plug = Power light flashed on then quickly off for a mili second.
07: Ordered a new more powerful "Named psu"

System Specs:
CIT 550w PSU
Gigabyte Z68A D3H B3
Intel i5 2400 3.1 socket 1155
Arctic cooling freezer 7 pro (arctic silver 5 used)
Corsair Vengance DDR3 1600 16GB ram (4x4gb)
PNY Geforce GTX550ti
OCZ 65gb SSD - OS
Samsung Spinpoint 1TB HDD (Sata)
WD 500GB HDD (Sata)
DVDrw optical drive
2 x 12cm Case fans
NZXT Fan controller with stand alone lcd display (powered by PC)

Im thinking as ive bought a "Unnamed PSU" that its the PSU that it as fault, i have ordered a Corsair TX650 to replace this but until it arrives i wanted to test everything else to make sure its just a case of - replace PSU on arrival and all systems are go.

Additional Info:
I built the system myself and it worked like a dream for 2 months... until yesterday morning when i turned it on and found this fault.

Any help, thoughts, suggestions would be greatly appreciated - Thank you in advance
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  1. Update..
    Just plugged in a spare PSU and removed everything from the MOBO leaving just the CPU and 1 RAM stick... Same fault as before.

    Starting to think its the MOBO now..
  2. any suggestions or thoughts ???
    is there something ive overlooked ???

    was reading this morning about Gigabyte Bootloops.. could it be that ???
  3. Quote:
    was reading this morning about Gigabyte Bootloops.. could it be that ???

    could be. I though I had the loop issue and then I found it was faulty RAM. (try MEMTEST86+ )

    could be PSU, or RAM also.

    try clearing the CMOS, see if that helps.

    put the other ram stick in a different slot also (eliminates other ram stick and ram slot)

    then, wait for new PSU.

    edit [added link]
  4. thanks guys, ive sent MOBO back as in warrenty.
    will update when it and new psu arrives to let you know what there report was
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