3 year old PSU - replace or not? building new system

so yeah, i will be building a new system (listed under my sig) this weekend
i was wondering if i should replace my PSU or not. im a bit paranoid as this psu is 3 years old
.. it gave me no trouble at all running my P5KC + Q6600 + 275GTX
and if you say yes ... could you please list me a good reliable one?

Thanks in advance
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  1. if it's Antec Truepower Trio 650W
    then it's very good one no need for replacement
  2. The GTX 580 at max draws 26A on the +12V rail.
    Your PSU has 3 rails rated at 19A each. Since the 2 PCIe power cables probably each are attached to a separate 19A rail, that would allow for 38A total. But even then, it depends on how the rails are internally wired and protected and how much else is on those rails. But they definetly would be too weak if you decided to add a 2nd GTX 580. While the quick answer is, yes, the PSU will work fine... I would consider moving up to something at bit stronger if you plan on going SLI some day. And one with a single rail or 2 high amp rails.
  3. I will NOT SLI
    OC probably max of 4.4 with that air cooler
    Will use only 1 SSD 240G

    Im not really on a budget ..(but if u were to ask .. i'll say $50-$150. i just want a good reliable PSU to protect my new investment

    i only use it for surfing web, watching movies and Battlefield game
  4. correction: I had that Antec Truepower Trio 650W since july 2008.. so its got 4+ years
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    That makes little difference. unless you somehow over taxed it during those 4+ years, it should still be fine. If it still works, and you aren't going to SLI, I'd use it and enjoy.
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  7. thank you very much
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