Display driver stopped responding and has recovered

"Display driver stopped responding and has recovered "
I have been searching and trying to fix this problem for days and this is getting really annoying. I have uninstalled, installed and uninstalled again the drivers for the graphics card. I have used driver cleaner Pro but still when I install the driver and play a game, it will freeze or go blue screen...
My video card is ATI Radeon HD 5670. I opened up the computer and cleaned the fans out so it is dust free, no luck.
I thought that the motherboard was causing this so I downloaded Live Update 5 and it installed some drivers, after that the fans started going at 100% so I had to go in the bios and change it to 50°C 37,5% because the computer was very loud. After that update from Live Update 5 the computer has gone worse.
My motherboard is a P31 Neo (MS-7392) Version 1.6
I did a format, hoping that the graphics card drivers would reset and the problem would go away but still I got BSOD... So I think that the problem is deeper than the graphics card..

What can I do?
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  1. BSOD sounds like RAM my friend.
  2. Most likely it is your graphics card, RMA or get new one problem solved :) I had same issue and down the road card just gave up completely
  3. That's a very common issue with ATI and Nvidia cards. There are numerous forums dedicated to it for years, with no clear solution.

    I've had it a couple times myself and it just went away on it's own or I did a fresh Windows install to get rid of it.

    It's not ram, I personally believe it's a Windows issue, maybe an update that causes it.

    Good luck.
  4. The computer went to a computer technician and his conclusion was that the video card was damaged, I had to buy a new one. The video card was only two years old and I have a low income so this is a bummer..

    But thanks for the answers!
  5. You sure the technician wasn't lying? I got the same problem before but after doing a fresh install of Windows 7 and updating Nvidia Forceware to version 295.73. Don't know about ATI cards though but that solved my problem.
  6. I also did that, clean install and got the latest or old update for the graphics card, no luck. Even when I logged in the screen froze so in the end I couldn't do anything with out the computer freezing. Now it is working perfectly!
  7. Thats a confusing post. So your reinstall worked? Or what?
  8. Coputernewbie said:
    Thats a confusing post. So your reinstall worked? Or what?

    Like I said, I had to buy a new graphics card. It was damaged, everything OK now!
  9. i have exactly the same issue and no solution yet untill i figure out that have a really weak power supply! check yours dude or replace it if you got an old one !

    take a look on my topic
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