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I recently purchased a GeForce GT 520 for my Dimension 3100. It is a graphics card that uses the PCIE X1 slot. I installed the card and booted up the computer. Everything goes well until after the Windows 7 loading screen and it crashes. I get a blue screen saying "NMI: Parity Check/Memory Parity Error"

If I remove the card, everything boots up and works. I dont think the PCIE X1 slot has ever been used. I dont think its the card as its literally brand new. . .Also I know its compatible because I got an email back from Zotac tech support saying it is indeed compatible.

When I googled the error, all that I get is it is a possible hardware error. Is it possible I have a bad PCIE X1 slot?? Any help is appreciated. Thanks .
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  1. Don't assume that something works because it is new. That will get you in trouble.

    Try the GT 520 in a different computer if you can and see what happens.
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