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Okay I have a nearly brand new Lenovo desktop that I can no longer get to turn on and boot. I have two power profiles saved, one to leave the computer run and one to sleep the computer after 2 hours. I cannot remember which setting I had it on before leaving for work but when I arrived home about 10 hours later the computer was not "asleep". I thought maybe we had a power outage but pretty much ruled that out because no digital clocks were reset. None the less upon pressing the power button absoutely nothing happens. It is plugged into a power strip. It is not modded. I do have some filter material attached around the cases side intakes but am very careful about temperature and it does not seem to affect temps at all. I started with some basic trouble shooting and from there got a bit more involved. I was convinced that it was a PSU problem so I grabbed my multi tester and ran some voltage tests. I removed all hardware power supply leads and the 24 pin supply. I tested the entire set of pin outs on the 24 pin supply connector. When I jumped 15 and 16 the power supply fan turned right on and ran fine. Every pin out tested to the exact specified voltage +3.3, +5, +12, -12. I then thought that it was perhaps a power button issue. I tested the continuity of the 12 pin power button connector and it seemed like that may have been the problem. I couldn't get continuity from the 12 pin when pushing the power button. Thinking I had found the issue I tried to jump the pins on the mother board.....but still nothing. Now when I reconnected all supply lines and proceeded (and I am sure this was not a great idea)to jump 15 and 16 again on the 24pin all the fans came on and it almost sounded like the hard drive was spinning. It was hard to tell because I would only jump it for seconds at a time because I was unsure of the repercussions of this "test". When I hooked up the VGA there was still no output to the monitor at all. The only other super simple thing I didn't try was removing the battery out of the motherboard. Also did not try to remount the CPU, Memory etc to see if that was the issue. I am thinking the only next step I can take is to do some POST testing. Any other ideas I should try first? Thanks in advance for any advice!
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  1. Also please let me know if I have posted this in the wrong sub-forum. I did not see any others that seem to fit better.
  2. I just thought about the fact that I never tested the 12v lead that runs to the MOBO.....could this cause these symptoms? Also I was thinking that perhaps removing the battery from the MOBO may reset something or help in some way?
  3. With the 24pin connected to the motherboard and without jumpering 15/16 what are the voltages on 9 and 16?
    9 should be 5v and 16 should be over 2v (usually around 4)
    If those are ok then monitor pin 8 and jumper 15/16 to turn on the PSU.
    Pin8 should go from a low volatage to a logic high ~5v, to signal the motherbd to boot up, within a second.

    So it it doesnt go high then replace the psu.
    If it does go high then its a motherbd or cpu issue.
  4. Thank you very much for the reply! I am getting accurate voltages on 9 and 16; however I am not sure about pin 8 when I jump 15/16. The voltage definitely increases instantly but I am unsure if my meter can keep up with the speed of the change to give me an accurate read in the one to two second that I leave 15/16 jumped? If I leave it on auto and before I jump 15/16 I am getting a reading of .005mv then when I jump 15/16 it goes to 20some mv and then tries to switch over to volts but by that time I have removed the jumper. Now if I take the meter and take it off of auto and move it to only pick up volts to the hundreth I instantly get 4.9 or so when I attach the jumper.....I am assuming that this means that the psu is good and that it is either the CPU or board then? I am too scared to jump them for longer than one second, because everything kicks on, all the fans, I assume the CPU etc; and I am sure jumping long enough can damage the components because there is no regulation of voltages. The heat sink on the chip-set was already very hot to the touch so I hope I did not damage that!
  5. I also tested the 4pin 12v lead that connects to the MOBO. Maybe this is the problem. It was only getting 3v in each of the two circuits. Shouldn't that read 6v per circuit? Maybe I am thinking about this incorrectly and somehow the 3v x4 pins is the 12v that it needs?

    On a very positive side note; I contacted Lenovo and they have been extremely helpful. I thought that they were just going to tell me that I had voided my warranty because I tried to resolve this on my own. Instead the guy told me that it sounded like I knew what I was talking about and would just ship me out a new MOBO, PSU, Cord and Processor! I couldn't believe it!

    Has anyone else had similar positive experiences with Lenovo?
  6. Well Lenovo overnight-ed me a new PSU, MOBO and CPU. They sent me a 3.1Ghz when before I only had a 2.8Ghz. Not sure if that was a mistake or all they had or what but works for me. Problem is that now everything is working but it does not seem to recognize the hard-drive.
    Now upon boot it says something about an Intel Boot Agent and provides a MAC ID #. The MOBO also has a built in speaker and upon running it's own POST test on start-up it emits two short beeps. From everything that I can find that means that there is a problem with the memory. I re-installed the memory to make sure it was seated correctly and still the same problem.
    It will then go to a screen that says start windows normally or try to repair. I have done both ways. It can find now repair for itself or suggestions. If I start normally it will take me to a non-GUI type screen that has a drop down box with my user name, therefore I know it is recognizing the hard drive to some degree. From there it will take me to the memory check (comes back fine) a one key recovery that I tried twice. It said that the one key recovery was successful and needs to restart. Upon restart it goes back to the same exact Intel Boot Agent screen. I don't know where to even go from here.
    Possibly the change out of this CPU is preventing the system from properly booting or perhaps the Memory sticks are incompatible with either this new MOBO or CPU??
    Please Help!
  7. Update. I contacted Lenovo yet again. They are having me ship the computer to them at their expense for a final diagnose & repair. I read somewhere that MSI boards like the one they sent me are sometimes set to make one or two beeps upon start-up under normal functionality. The gentleman at Lenovo assured me that it IS a memory problem. Suspicious that now all of the sudden after the successful replacement of the board, psu and processor that the sticks are bad??
    One of two things maybe, Would it be possible for bad memory sticks to fry a board? If so that could explain it all.
    The other possibility could be that the sticks are not bad, and it is actually something wrong with the sockets on the new board? Doubtful that the sticks went bad in between taking them out of the old board and putting them in the new one.
    Despite all of this pain in the you know what, they have been extremely accommodating throughout this whole process. Just sucks that I have to be without my desktop for over 10 days!
    The other thing that sucks is that I needlessly used the one key recovery trying to resolve this, wiping my file structure. I was able to first remove the drive and put it into an external drive to save my docs.......but we all know that just when you think you have copied every file....down the road u will find out you missed one!
  8. Another update. I called Lenovo because as of yesterday I still had not received my shipping box from Fed Ex to send the tower back. All of the sudden they started to sound like the typical out of country support line. "Oh well I don't see any notes in here that we were supposed to send you a box. We have a note that you were just going to pay for shipping yourself and send it in." I was pissed by this point because it has already been a week without a computer. I did have to stay on the phone for over an hour but this was another very nice representitive and he agreed that he would go ahead and just get authorization to send me out two new sticks or RAM because he can have those to me in two days versus waiting another 10 or so days for it to be shipped back and forth to a repair facility. He also said that if the new RAM does not fix the problem that they will pay for the shipping back and forth to a repair facility because I was promised that in the beginning and just for my headache. All in all, and even though I am irritated about the computer breaking to begin with; I am still very satisfied with how they are handling far.......
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