Help! Multi-Display, which way?

Hey there guys, I'm looking for some advise on my options for a multi display set up.

I have contemplated doing it before but never got round it, but now I'm seriously considering it. I have a few points that I'd like some help/advise with please.

*Is it really worth it? How many games will it work well with, how many not at all?

*Which GPU's are best? I have a 6950 which I was maybe going to crossfire with the same or a 6970.

*Which screens are ideal? I have a 27" 1920x1080 60hz as my main display, I was thinking of maybe getting 2 screens that I can rotate 90* and go either side.

They're the main ones but I know there's many things to consider in between, like drivers and upgrades to system.

Any advise will be greatly appreciated.
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  1. If you can swing the $$, crossfire would be a good thing to do to avoid lowering the resolutions on games. As far as sizes, I would try and stick with the same size if you can, It may look odd to have a 27" in the center, and like 23 or 24 on the sides. You also need to be sure you use DisplayPort on at least one of the monitors, whether it's built in, or you get an Active adapter separately.

    I personally have a 24.6 as my main one, and had two 23's for my side ones, that looked OK for my taste, I guess it just depends on how picky you want to be. Stick with monitors of the same res, though.
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