New build help

Hi all,

For my new build i need some help.
Im going to build a new pc with some parts i have.

Ill be using the computer for gaming/movies and designing (Autocad / Sketchup)

Parts i have;

Case: Silverstone TJ07
Cooling: XSPC watercooling set (480 / 240 rad)
PSU: Zalman ZM660-XT
Monitor: Samsung S23A750D 23 inch full HD/3D

I need help choosing rest of the parts

CPU: i7-3930K or i7-3770K?
MB: X79 or Z77?
Graphics: GTX 680?
PSU: will the Zalman be enough?


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  1. Forgot to say that i will be overclocking my pc.
    I want to try to push it around 4.8-5.2 ghz
  2. Either CPU is fine + either board. Obviously the 3930k will get you more but for more cost. Don't have the knowledge on upcoming board life so someone else can address that.

    RAM: Corsair or Gskill normally... 8GB should be fine

    SSD: Intel 520, Crucial M4 or the higher end Samsung brands are the ones I see most option (I bought intel, but it is the most expensive though most reliable)

    GPU: If you can find one and afford the GTX 680 is the best single core GPU.

    Power supply looks fine. Don't know much about Zalman but it's 80 bronze and 660w which should run all listed just fine. SLI might be tight... but the current layout should be totally fine.
  3. At the moment im thinking of;

    ASRock Z77 Extreme6 with I7-3770K


    ASUS Rampage IV Extreme with I7- 3930K
    (is it worth it?)
  4. No point in LGA 2011 just for gaming. You wont see any benefit. Same with the Extreme6. Save the $ and just get an Extreme4.
  5. The reason i looked at LGA2011 is because im also using autocad.
    With my comp at work 2600k i have sometimes some freezing problems.
    Will the extreme 4 be good for overclocking?
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