ATI Radeon HD 5450 2GB vs nVidia Galaxy GTS 250 1gb

i'm a newb at this so this might be a stupid question but, i'm not sure which is the better choice here. i heard the nvidia 250's are better and it does have 256bit bus width but the HD 5450 has 2gb vs the 1gb of the GTS. Also, if the nvidia card is better, will it work with a standard dell dimension 9200 with XP? thanks for any enlightenment you might be able to provide on this matter.
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  1. the 250 is much much better.
  2. The GTS 250 is an outdated card that is powerhungry and only supports DX10. It fits in most standard ATX cases though. The only problem is the powersupply. My friend had to replace the PSU in his HP for his GTS 250 a few years back because it kept crashing.
  3. The GTS 250 more or less competes against the Radeon HD 5750.

    No amount of RAM on a HD Radeon HD 5450 can make it even come close to the performance of a Radeon HD 5550, much less a HD 5750.
  4. gts 250 is better in overall performance the fact is that it has an dx 10 and hd 5450 has dx 11 but that not matter much performance metter alot.:)
  5. gts 250 is by far better than hd 5450. look at the comparision below

    you should find it clearly from above comparision which one is better
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