Radeon 6870/CPU Crashing problems

My build:
ASRock 970 Extreme3
Diablotek 650w w/ 40a 12v
Sapphire 6870
Phenom II x4 B45(Usually - Testing an FX-4100 right now)
GSkill Sniper 1600mhz 2x4gb

My problem:
While playing a game(usually), display suddenly goes black, speakers make loud buzzing noise for a second or two then stop, then I have to reboot. Sometimes the display goes black without the speakers buzzing and I can hear the sounds of the game and skype still, sometimes it goes black, the speakers buzz, and I can still hear the game working after it, sometimes not. As well as this, the GPU has hiccups every now and then that don't result in crashes; The screen locks up for 5-15 seconds on whatever it was on, goes black, has the grey lines about 1/5 up the screen towards the bottom, and display comes back fine - But I often find myself dead by that time, and this type of "display driver has stopped responding and has recovered" error causes a lot of games to require closing.

So I've been having a LOT of trouble for the past few months. My computer has been crashing usually more than once per day, fairly erratically and inconsistently, but more-so on certain games. For some reason League of Legends is the worst culprit, along with EVE. If I try to run both of them at once and actually do stuff, it seemed to make it more likely to happen in the past. But it really does it with any game I play eventually, with a degree of spontaneity.

I do not have any GPU temperature problems. This GPU is only a few weeks old as well.

ALSO, all of these problems existed when I had my old build with an Asus 6670 instead. First I thought it was the motherboard, so I RMA'd the board. Still happened. I've also tried multiple PSUs. I've also tried the build with an FX-4100 instead. I upgraded to this 6870 hoping to get away from what I thought was a messed up GPU. Idk what is going on. I've memtest86 for like half an hour before with no errors, might be worth trying again, but gahh. This card has been doing most of this since I got it; It didn't prove to be any different really. Something is still REALLY wrong here.

It is also worth nothing that it, much of the time, seemed to work absolutely fine on other games and things, like BF3 would not make it crash as much as the simple single core game LoL would, if BF3 ever even did make it crash, which was rare.
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  1. are you overlclocking anything?
    what temps are you running on cpu and gpu ?
    youve tried multiple psus? what brands/models? that psu you listed has been deemed a turd in a box by more than one review site.
  2. I am not overclocking at the moment, no. But I have overclocked plenty before just fine, but the thing is that it has been doing this whether or not I've had it overclocked or had bios set to defaults. I've used other PSUs too - one Diablotek 575w(I think) that is going to have to be RMA'd a 2nd time.

    My CPU has a hyper 212+ and the card's temps are also fine. The cards temps are usually in the 60s. I don't even know my avg CPU temps since I have the FX-4100 in but with the hyper 212+ on it and it being 32nm, with no overclock... not a problem.
  3. *bump* Just as terrible as ever - I don't think I crashed all day today; didn't do too much either, but I crashed on Company of Heroes while lanning with a buddy after playing for hours, 20 seconds after accepting a skype call. What is this...
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