What does a 7770 get you that a 6850 doesn't have?

I know the 6850 is probably the better choice gaming-wise. But the 7770 is kind of attractive - it's lower power draw would make it cheaper in the long run, considering how long I keep my cards. But, aside from that, what else (if anything) does the 7770 get you?

Any new features the 6850 doesn't have? I know about Direct Compute, but I would guess that by the time it's widely adopted I'd be ready for another upgrade anyway.

Anything else it offers? Better hardware-based HD video decode/encode? etc.

I'm leaning towards a 6850 right now, but just wondering. And with how often I've been putting off this upgrade, I might be back in a year or two asking if I should get the 7850 or the 8770 ;)
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    We all ask the same questions about waiting when making a purchase.
    The 6850 barely squeaks out over the 7770 at a much lower price.
    The main draw with the 7770 is the turbo low power requirements as well as better dx11 support.
    The 6850 however is low on requirements itself and also supports dx9 and 10 better currently so the broader range of games out will play better on it.
    If i had this choice i would be getting the 6850. The 7770 is just too high on price right now to make the power requirement worth the price over the 6850
    heres the Tom's review with direct comparisons of the two cards,3135.html
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