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My system uses a Win 7 O/S, MSI -P67-G43 Mainboard (MB), a HIS Radion HD 6870 (GPU), i5-2500k, 750W p/s, 3 case cooling fans and 3 matched 19" monitors. Build in Jan 2012 w/no manual OC. Used mainly for Sim Gaming. System appears to run great. I just recently happened to check my temps while gaming w/OpenHardwareMonitor and the 2nd of 3 temp readings on the MB was at 106C. I have no idea what area Sys Temp '2' is monitoring. When I shut down the Game it immediately dropped to 60C. I reset all connectors and even relocated GPU card to different socket but same effect. Only seems to happen when I open/run a Game. Repeatable. Have not made any changes to system recently. Fans do NOT race. All other readings appear normal. CPU V low at .944, hi at 1.224; GPU V low at .950 hi at 1.175. Any constructive suggestions?
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  1. did u try other temp monitoring software? CPU Temp or Speedfan? i wonder if its an erroneous reading or the software is incorrect.
  2. mojorisin23 said:
    did u try other temp monitoring software? CPU Temp or Speedfan? i wonder if its an erroneous reading or the software is incorrect.

    Thanks for the consideration - I did us speedfan and today the startiup temp2 (at room ambient of 83F) is 53C (my GPU is 51C but I haven't seen it exceed 60C). I've been running a Flt Sim (fairly heavily loaded) and temp2 is up to 79C and climbing slowly.
  3. If you have the stock heatsink, it sucks for gaming... I had the same problems

    Buy a TX3 it installs as easy as stock but will drop temps 20C... For 20 bucks

    Search my thread on proper thermal paste application if you need help with that
  4. Getting a TX3 or similar is definetly a consideration, but wont that just drop the temp in my CPU. Under Gaming load, my CPU is running hot at around 57C, but from what I gather, this Temp2 is a Motherboard Temp, not a CPU temp. Am I missing something?
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    some sensors misread, my auxtin shows as 128'c most days, but its your cores that are important, download coretemp and see what that says, you can set it to display on the toolbar for easy reference
  6. Core temp is awesome as long as you confirm it's accuracy first, itll log min/max temps for u
  7. Interesting... I have temperarily added a 3rd exhaust fan (80mm), and ordered a Cooler Master hyper 212. This morning, with an ambient air of 83F, and over the past 1/2 hour of Flt Sim Gaming, my temps are:
    OpenHardware: Min Present Speedfan: present
    Sys Temp 1 38C 53C 53C
    Sys Temp 2 52C 85C 85C
    Sys Temp 3 31C 36C 36C
    CPU Pkg 38C 53C 52C
    GPU 49C 57C 57C
    MSI ControlCenter: CPU 53C This is an internal monitor program
    System 36C
    Does anyone have any idea of what components the three System Temps are measuring - This is an MSI p67-G43 Mainboard.
    Additional input: I 'enabled' OC Genie II (an MSI 1 second configured OverCLocking), rebooted the system and IMMEDIATELY read temp2 at124C in idle mode. I unloaded as fast as I could.
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  9. Glad to help man,
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