How to select ups...?

i5 3550 , 16 GB ram, HD6670 ddr5, Gigabyte h77 mbod, WD 1TB hdd for 3D Modelling ... can run for 24 hours also.... please help me to select suitable ups.....

Thank you.

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  1. well unless you want to spend thousands of dollars idt you are going to find a ups that runs 24 hours.
  2. If your looking for a ups that will last you 24 hours your going to need like 20 grand, I suggest you get a ups that will last about an hour and have a generator handy.
  3. A better idea is to get an inverter, that's about 250 to 300 USD, that works for like 4 hours with quite a bit of electrical domestic equipment. So the ides is to have it just for the rig and not the other electrical equipment. Then connect a simple 1200VA UPS to it and then the rig.
    So incase of a power failure , you have no system shutdown for atleast a good 6 hours. And in todays time of technology, I doubt a place that uses an i5 3550 and 16GB of RAM to have a power cut for longer than 2 hours.
  4. hi...
    I think peoples hv gt me wrong... i wanted a ups that supports my pc consumption power, which will run for more than 24 hours, but not with that ups. We hv hardly 10-15 mins power failure in our campus in a day. i wanted back up for just 15-20 mins for running my pc.
    thank you all for ur reply and i bought a numeric 1 kva ups..

    can u please tell me about the difference between hd 6670/6770... how much effective... is 6670 enough sufficient for 3d turbine modelling with i5 3550, z77mx-d3h motherboard....?
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