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Best Card upgrade for under $170 running I7-920

I am looking to upgrade from Asus 4670 1GB. Looking for the best card under $170 that runs well with at I7 920.

My Specs:
PSU: Antec EA 650
Ram: 4GB 10600 (will upgrade to 8 with the card)
CPU: Intel core I7 920

Personally I cant decide between the 6790, 6850, and 6870 variants, all seem to be a few dollars apart.

I chose the 170 price point because the 6870 runs about that much, but ideally around 150 max. I am also upping the ram and adding some case fans so with the 6870 its coming to around total $240-250, and if I can bring it down to around $200 that would be great.
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  1. A 6850 can near the 6870 if OCed according to bench marks, but the 6870 wins in stock performance.

    You didn't state what games or resolution you intend to play at.
  2. well the 6870 would be the obvious choice but if you can't spend that much get the 6850, its also a nice card. I wouldn't get the 6790, its just not nearly as good as the 6850 and uses more power.
  3. Wow thanks for the quick response, but I just realized that I forgot to mention the purpose: Moderate gaming, alot of skyrim. I had trouble running games like metro 2033 and Witcher 2 being too choppy. So being able to run Metro would be good.

    Resolution: Monitor is at 1920x1200 but I typically run games at 1440x900 on my current setup
  4. The 6870 is the best you can get in your budget. It won't be able to max out Witcher 2 or Metro 2033 at your display's resolution, but you should get playable framerates at approximately high settings at your monitor's native res of 1920x1200. You will probably want to lower the AntiAliasing if you want to run Skyrim on ultra as well.
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    The 6870 should be the card you want for 1920x1200 but it will still need to play on lower quality for metro. I'd say spend the extra bit for it.
  6. Can the Antec Eco Earth 650watts PSU handle the 6870?
  7. it will do no problem. It can probably do 2 6870s.
  8. Ok
    So what is the difference between these three cards:

    SAPPHIRE 100314-3L Radeon HD 6870 1GB $170

    XFX HD-687A-ZHFC Radeon HD 6870 1GB $180 (160 after $20 MIR)

    XFX Double D HD-687A-ZDFC Radeon HD 6870 1GB $170 (150 after $20 MIR)

    Seems like besides $10 they are all the same. Any different in brands Saphire and XFX? Quality, workmanship, etc?
  9. different fans and warranties. Sapphire and XFX are both good.
  10. well thanks for the speedy responses esrever. I think illl go with the 6870
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