Newly built system. Question about Windows 7 Upgrade disk

My school offers a discounted upgrade version of Win7 Ultimate for 15 dollars. Rather then dishing out 100 dollars for Win7HomePremium I can save 85 dollars through this offer.

My question is would I be able to use this upgrade copy on my newly built system? Meaning I pop in the CD and just go from there?

Can anyone help me out here? appreciate it :3

Also would I be able to take the product key from the windows 7 on my laptop (Home Premium) and use that as the product key for the desktop? meaning the Win7Ultimate upgrade on the desktop would use the product key from the Win7HomePremium Laptop so it would technically still be an "upgrade"? :)

The laptop is an Alienware M11x with Home premium, so it's not like I personally installed the Win7. If that helps in giving me a proper answer.

Thank you very much
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  1. no you can't
    upgrade means you have to have exsiting os already installed to "upgrade" to a higher version
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