I used too much heat paste, help me plz

Hi guys, i used too much heat paste, arctic silver 5. i didn't realize until i checked after. When i removed my heat sink i see that it has dripped into the crevice between the cpu and the cpu holder, im pretty sure non went onto the mother board though.

I dint use the entire tube, but im sure it was too much. Should i remove it or will it probably be ok?

I wanna get it all moved but im scraed that since its down there the only way i could clean it properly is to remove the cpu, but by doing that it may just make it worse by letting it get into places it couldn't before by removing the cpu

Please help me, should i be worried as i am?
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    Thermal paste is non-conductive so you shouldn't short anything but some folks say it can act as a thermal insulator if you used incorrectly.

    If you want to clean it all up and start again you will need:

    Cleaning alcohol (AKASA TIM clean is cheap and good)
    Lint free cloth
    Cotton buds
  2. Thanks for ur reply, i thin ill clean it as i have read that the paste i used is conductive. Ty
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  4. i suggest use small dot method ib the center of the cpu because most of the is generated on center os the heatsink provide better cooling
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