CPU not going to max frequency.

hi all,
i recently upgraded my pc to an i5 3450, and it seems that it stays at 2.4 ghz even when using very CPU dependant programs :( ... anyone know of a solution or what the problem is.

my system specs are:
i5 3450 3.1ghz (supposedly)
xfx hd6870 x2 crossfire
samsung spinpoint 1tb
gigabyte P67A-UD3-B3
g.skill ripjaws 4gb
be quiet p7 1000w modular

any help would be much appreciated :)
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  1. have u ever use bios to overclock it but first if on stock cooler u have to upgrade ur cooler first fot better temp and overclocking
  2. yeah i have a Arctic cooling freezer just waiting for my intel bracket to arrive, just out of curiosity how would that fix my problem ?
  3. yeah i have f9
  4. what bios version?

    It is only supported from bios rev F9 according to the CPU supprot list on the Gigabyte website...
  5. but this is kinda going off topic as i didnt ask how to overclock ... i was asking why my processor never goes up to the stock frequency .
  6. 2.4 ghz
  7. It probably doesn't need to, my i3 goes to 798MHz/ 1.2 GHz/ 1.8/9 GHz when web browsing and somehow when running prime95...

    It goes full speed when playing games (2.1 GHz)
  8. Edited my last reply.
  9. Run prime95 and see what the frequency goes to. Measure with a program like CPU-Z.
  10. i just thought it was odd because i was sure that bf3 max settings would make it max out :/
  11. i will run prime 95 now though
  12. rudi95 said:
    i just thought it was odd because i was sure that bf3 max settings would make it max out :/

    Not always, and like I said, run a program that DEFINITELY will max it out. Then we can see if there is actually something wrong.
  13. quick question before i do use prime95 and my cpu might get a bit toasty, what is the max temp generally for an i5 3450 ?
  14. Your CPU should reach 3.5 GHz when doing CPU intensive programs.
  15. 100c.
  16. well i am running prime 95 right now and it is only sitting at 1.5 ghz
  17. go into BIOS and disable speed stepping and make sure you CPU Multiplier is at 31.
  18. the only reason i am really worried about this is that in games like bf3 although they arent cpu dependant i still feel like it is causing me lag (no it is not my graphics card i have 2 6870's)
  19. and where would i find speed stepping in bios
  20. look for system info or CPU info or something like that.
  21. All bios are different, out etoile be in advanced or done its Gigabyte maybe M.I.T. Our CPU settings
  22. just had a look through my whole bios will speed stepping maybe be called something else in my bios ?
  23. Intel speed step technology
  24. right so disabled speed step , running prime 95 on the 10th test and still now only sitting at 1.5 ghz
  25. Was the multiplier at 31? what are you using to find the frequency? Try disabling C3, C6, and C1E in bios
  26. right so it seems that the program i was using (hardware monitor ) is more amd friendly , i am now using coretemp and that is telling me i am at 3.2 ghz which sounds like it is going into turbo frequency.
  27. thanks for all the help guys
  28. kinda new to toms hardware so how do i set this as solved?
  29. Select one of the posts as best answer.
  30. You can try change this thread from a discussion to a question by editing your description (where you typed the question).
  31. I would enable that stuff i said to disable though. It keeps the cpu cooler during idle periods. Its better for the longevity of the CPU.
  32. Yes, I would leave the speedtep stuff on. The boosting technology works to boost things when needed and there is enough thermal headroom to handle it.
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