Please help!!!! My computer won't turn on after sleeping it!

Hi everybody, i just got a new hp pavilion desktop, and it won't turn on. It was running fine a little while ago (been running fine for the past week) , but I saw this sleep button on the start menu and clicked that instead of the shutdown button. I tried to turn it on a few minutes later by hitting the power button like I normally would, but it wouldn't turn on. The computer sounds like its about to start up like it normally would, I see all the lights turn on for a second and i hear that dry thud from the speakers but then everything shuts down. Its like theres power for a second then it just disappears. There is also two quick beeping sounds (first one lower pitched, second one higher pitched) every time the power comes on and shuts off. This happens over and over again indefinitely. I just switched my power supply to the off position and even when I turn it back on the beeping and stuff continues. But its currently off. If it helps, I upgraded the psu and graphics card a few days ago but it was working fine until i sleeped it. Does anyone know what the problem is? is somethings wrong with my psu? or a different part maybe? Thanks for everyones help. Oh and I didn't know what forum to post this in.... so if this is the wrong one can someone direct me please? I'll move it to there.
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  1. check mobo does have green led indication when u plugged into socket
    for beeping replace the ram to another slot also check jumpers of mobo are connected into right
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