CPU second core being over-used causing GPU bottleneck?

So i have been troubleshooting this issue ever since i got this pc. It has always had issues with lag spikes during gaming, been through multiple graphics cards, hard drives, and power supply got replaced. I am now down to software or mobo/processor issues. After some studying of GPU-Z and noticing many others using my card getting MUCH better fps then me, i realized my card is using a maximum of %40-45 gpu load and most times is running around %25-30. this is true on two cards ive tested now (one requiring much less power then the other so im assuming not the pci bus either).

So anyways after some studying in process explorer i have discovered while running the game and during any activity on the pc, my second core is running an average of 30-35% harder then my main core. during the game its running at 90-95% while the first core only 60-65 (average). I have also now tested multiple operating systems and have noticed that on vista i lose FPS. Im assuming because of the load on the processor is increased?? Anyways my question is, is there a root cause for this? I have changed thermal paste and removed processor to check pins, seemingly no issue. No other hardware or software is possibly the issue as its all been changed. I have spoken with Nvidia and they claim its not a driver issue and are no longer helping me assess the problem. I am not sure if its even the processor thats causing this issue but this seems most logical, i had assumed they generally run about the same load? or atleast close? i would figure the first core would be working harder. Anyways any suggestions or information on what can cause secondary core heavy load?

I figure most specs irrelevant as this is a general issue and 90% of parts have been swapped out aswell as OS and all drivers have been updated aswell as downgraded in testing. so heres the mobo/processor:

Nvidia Nforce4 Amd/Intel Edition X16 SLI mobo
Pentium D dual core 3.0 ghz

Also one more question: in bios i can disable multiple core, also can disable in nvidia control panel aswell i believe but is this safe to do and can i test this way? will the first one handle the game enough to recognize whether the second one had an issue? its really not noticeable surfing the web but graphic intense gaming causes major issues and fps fluctuations
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  1. That chipset is pcie version 1 which runs at half the speed of v2 which probably explains the discrepency you are seeing when comapring your GPU benchamrks to others with the same card.

    A Pentium D is about powerful enough to run an Radeon 3850 or 4670 or about a gforce 8800gs. Any GPU more powerful than those will be bottlenecked by your processor.
  2. why did it come with a GTS 8600 that is also bottlenecked to 35 percent? thats the stock graphics card for this pc and that one is doing the same thing. also not comparing to benchmarks as much as comparing to the games recommended high def settings are less then what i use and thats not even the lowest recommended settings.. theres definetly something wrong moreso then that
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