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I just got a pavilion p6130y and a new power supply, a OCZ-ZT550W but either way the fan faces (up or down) I am going to have to do a case mod: facing up the fan is blocked by the top of the case and facing down the power switch is blocked by the back of the case. So my question is which way should the fan face?

Positions of the other fans don't know if this will help or not
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    The fan should face down. It is blowing cooler air from down to up, into the PSU where it flows out the back. If you mount it so that the fan is up your are fighting the laws of nature. Heat rises.

    In reality install the PSU any way it will fit. Upside down or side ways wont have any impact on the operating temp in your system.

    I use a dremel to mod HP and dell casses to take standard PSUs all the time. They always seem to have a little bit of mesh just in the way for the power plug or the on off switch.
  2. I have an HP where the fan on the factory 460w PSU points up at the top of the case. Turns out there is enough room for air flow. Guess this pulls the air from the very top of the case out thru the PSU.

    net: check to see if "facing up the fan is blocked by the top of the case " does actually give you enough room for air flow. If not enough room then you want to invert it.
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