FI shut my hp down on 4-30-12 that evening with no prob;ems. I tried to start i

I shut my computer down on 4-30-12 & it was fine. I started it up the next day & it wouldnt boot up. I hit the F9 button & it did some tests. all tests passed except 1 . I t saiderror code BIOHD-2 warning , no devices detected. what happened to my computer overnight & how can I fix it. I have no boot disc.
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  1. It is a "No HD detected" error.

    You don't say what the PC is that you have but you will have to get it open (with power off) and check cables between the MB and HD, and HD and PSU. I suggest that you unplug and replug every cable related to your HD (at both ends)

    Try different cables.

    Try the HD in a different PC. That will help eliminate either the HD and or the MB as your problem.
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