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Will this work with me?

I have a low psu of whopping 300W and I'm trying to figure out if ASUS EAH6670/DIS/1GD5 Radeon HD 6670 GDDR5 1 GB will work with my psu and not make my computer go up in flames. i heard that it can and that normally the radeon 6670 series didn't do pull a whole lot of power out and that it would work with even lower than 300W but I'm just not 100% and i would like to know before i go and spend almost 100$ on something that my power supply cant handle.
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  1. I think you will have a small problem. As I can see this card requires 400W.

    I would recommend upgrading your power supply as well. Go like 450W. You can find very good PSU's and at low prices. It is almost a ''necessity'' to have a descent PSU that will be able to support (in terms of power) any upgrades that you might want to do on a later stage.
  2. That's with an i5-2500k @ 4GHz, mind you. You should be fine, so long as you have a quality PSU that isn't terribly overrated.
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    Since it does not have a PCIE power connection, the most a HD6670 can possibly draw is 75W. If you have a 95W CPU, that's 170W. Add a few drives and fans, and you might break 200. Mind you, that's running flat out, like benchmarking. In actual use, your power usage will be less.
    GPU vendors overstate their requirements in the often vain attempt to account for all the PSU-shaped objects out there, like Diablotek, Logisys, and Apevia. You should be fine.
  4. what about if its a HD6670 WITH a PCIE slot? will those draw more? that id need a better power supply? HIS Radeon HD 6670 1GB (128bit) GDDR5 HDMI DVI-D (HDCP) VGA PCI Express X16 2.1 since it does have a pcie would it need more power? it says that its a low profile card idk what that would mean with it. if i need to give specs for my comp please tell me what you need to make a better judgement call.
  5. It FITS into a PCIE slot (they all do) but does not have a PCIE power connector, which is a six-pin plug. Take a look at some pictures of a HD6770 (which has one) to see what it looks like; no HD6670 has that.
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