GTX 285 Overclocking issue

Hello everyone, i have 2 BFG GTX 285s OC+ edition in SLI. Yesterday i tried to over clock them to the EVGA GTX 285 SSC clocks. Everything went fine at first, but then i started getting massive lag in-game. They weren't overheating since both were around 60 degrees on load. I asked around and people said the clocks are unstable. How is it that the SSC version is stable, but when I try to over clock them to the SSC version it becomes unstable?? I matched the clocks so i don't see whats the problem.
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  1. Why are u overclock. ur card already fast, wont need to overclock
  2. This is because the manufactures set specific voltage and clock settings. My xfx gtx 285 is at 648mhz gpu core. However if i took it to say, 748mhz, i may have to bump up the voltage a little bit more. Also you may be experiancing bottlenecks. Your cards may be too fast for the CPU.
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