Vortex+ or Hyper TX3 EVO for i3-2120?

Not going to do any overclocking at all.
or should I use the stock cooler?
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  1. I like the TX3.
  2. What are your system specs?
  3. Tx-3 is very good, obiously the stock cooler will do just fine but i always prefer aftermarket coolers :)
  4. From a performance point of view, the stock intel cooler will do the job.
    But, under high cpu loads, expect it to become noisy when the cooling fan spins up.

    I suggest the hyper212. For $30 or so, you will get a cooler with a 120mm fan that will not be loud under load.
    Also, the backplate mount is much easier to onstall. The stock intel pushpins are tricky to get on properly.

    TX3 might be ok, but it has a small 92mm fan which will be noisier.
  5. I have the tx3 evo and its really quiet.
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