What is the best computer for under 3000 dollars

i have a relly big homework assignment and i need to no wat is the best computer for under 3000 dollars and i need to no y
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  1. There is no best computer for $3000. That's because computers need to be designed for specific tasks. A computer that plays games really well is way different than a computer that serves files to a large office, or a computer designed for an architect.
  2. For three grand you can build just about any computer. But Proximon is correct. You build a PC for a specific purpose. Otherwise if you come to the computer world with 3 grand and just wanna spend it, you get a low end mac.
  3. Post the question this way and we'll help you design a system for a specific purpose

  4. Build Your Own question, or homework assignment question?

    Desktop, Laptop, or Server?
  5. Microcenter's most expensive, pre-built, Intel based, desktop PC, without a monitor, speakers, keyboard, and mouse is $1949.99.

    Dell Alienware Aurora R4 Desktop Computer
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