Gigabyte a75m udah video drivers will not install with xp

Installed this MB with 16gb of compatable memory. I used hard drives from the previous install of XP and updated, or tried to update the drivers needed. Everything was fine, but I cannot get the MB video drivers to install right. I went straight to the AMD/Radeon sight and down loaded them to the desktop and still no go. I un-installed and cleaned the registry of the install and still no good. I got mad and installed an ASUS ENGT430 card and same problem, I go to device manager and YELLOW exclamation point, the device cannot start. HELP!! 2 days and still trying to get it to work. I did manage to get the MB drivers to install, but then the USB had a problem. I got that fixed and then the VIDEO has a problem.
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  1. I have MS net 3.5 installed. I have tried a clean install after removal and get the same MSG when I try to open any sub program like Catalyst, driver not installed. Go to device manager and see the Radeon 6550D with the yellow excalmation point on it. Try to remove and re-install with no luck.
  2. If I start in safe mode, all hardware is fine with the ASUS ENGT 430 card. Once I go back to normal start up, I get the Yellow exclamation point on the card.
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