Gaming Desktop build help needed....

I am looking to put together a gaming desktop... the system will be used for 99% Counterstrike 1.6

I do take my gameplay very seriously so I need a system that will play the game flawlessly...

Any help greatly appreciated, looking to buy the components this week, thanks!

Approximate Purchase Date - Within the week when I figure out what components to buy

Budget Range: $500 - $700

Parts Not Required: keyboard, mouse, monitor, speakers, OS

Preferred Website(s) for Parts: best price available

Overclocking: No

SLI or Crossfire: I am not sure

The graphix card may need to be compatible with BenQ 2420t 120hz monitor

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  1. Can someone give me a starting point... looking to buy asap, thanks
  2. i dont think you need to spend that much for cs 1.6.
  3. Intel GMA will play 1.6 with good fps, so honestly, anything you build for $700 will work no problem
  4. Processor: Intel or Amd

    Graphics card: Low end or High end gaming card

    How long do you want this system to last?

    Are you going to use this system for anything other than CS 1.6

    You will have to give more details unless you want people to just recommend you a full system. I wont be able to point you in the right direction but other people on here will. Just give more details.
  5. I will use it for mostly CS 1.6 and I am open to AMD or I3 or I5 I just want to make sure I can run the game flawlessly as I play 8-12 hours a day the days I play.

    What kind of gaming card will I need? Low end or High end?

    Maybe 3-4 years I would think?
  6. windycityx said:
    I will use it for mostly CS 1.6 and I am open to AMD or I3 or I5 I just want to make sure I can run the game flawlessly as I play 8-12 hours a day the days I play.

    What kind of gaming card will I need? Low end or High end?

    Maybe 3-4 years I would think?

    I am not exactly sure. I know that CounterStrike is not a resource heavy game, but these were questions that you needed to answer help narrow down the question. I do not want to give you a "build" because I am not very experienced yet so you need to wait for other peoples responses.
  7. Another question I have is that if I decide to use the computer only for Counterstrike will I need to install anti-virus software?

  8. I really would like to order all of the parts in the next few days, can someone give me some ideas on where to start?

    I really do not want to order a pre-built desktop from cyberpower or ibuypower etc. if I don't have to.

    But defiinitely want to buy something asap.

    Please help, thanks!
  9. My thread:

    See if you like that.
  10. I am looking for more of a gaming specific desktop.

    Thanks for the help tho!
  11. Look at the answers by nekulturny towards the end with suggestions for heavier gaming.
  12. I hear my name being called..Heres my patented Budget gamer, and this time I'm definitely gonna save it to a notepad.

    CPU-$120- Phenom II 965

    Motherboard- Asrock 970 $80

    Video Card- Radeon 6870 $170

    RAM-Gskill 2x4GB $47

    Case- CoolerMaster HAF 912 $60

    Power- Corsair CX500 $60

    HDD- WDC 500Gb -$80

    CD/DVD Burner- $18

    Optionally, you can add this CPU cooler for 35 (and I would) so you can overclock the CPU.

    This will fit your budget, and perform very well. And yes, it can take on heavier games than Counterstrike.
  13. +1 to above

    Holy cow that guy is a master.
  14. How would this gaming desktop from Cyberpower for $588 with free shipping compare to the you mentioned nekulturny?

    Or anyone else?

    It is $147 cheaper and also includes and operating system?



    CyberpowerPC Gamer Xtreme GXi250
    Intel i3 2100 CPU
    NVIDIA Geforce GT520
    24X DVD+-RW
    Win 7 Home 64-Bit
    Intel Core i3 2100 Processor 3.1GHz
    8GB DDR3 RAM
    1TB Hard Drive
    Windows 7 Home Premium
  15. And would either of these two set-ups work with the BenQ 2420t 120hz gaming monitor?

  16. That system CyberpowerPC Gamer Xtreme GXi250 is a terrible gamer, the i3 CPU is about identical to the Phenom II 965 in gaming performance, although I personally prefer the balance of a quad core CPU (i3 is a dual core).. The devil is in the details.. That video card is a joke, its absolutely terrible. And thats the one thing you don't want to go cheap on for a gaming system. The 6870 I recommended to you is towards the upper end of mid-level, the GT520 isn't even in the same league.

    And yes, it they both would work with your monitor. a monitor is a monitor as far as your computer is concerned, although there may be different interfaces for them to plug into. Adapters are available cheap if need be.
  17. Do you feel that the graphix card mentioned is a lil' overkill for what I need or is the best deal for what I need?

  18. And what Windows 7 edition should I buy? How many bits etc.?

  19. It is overkill a little bit yes, (but not by much) but its also good enough to guarantee you at least 2-3 years of respectable gaming performance as new titles come out. The step down in AMD graphics solutions would be the 6850, and its not a lot cheaper than the 6870.

    You can see the difference between the two here:

    As far as what version of Windows7, you want the 64 Bit Home Premium ideally.
  20. Thanks for the help!

    Anyone else with a slight change I should consider?
  21. I plan on ordering all the parts you suggested tomorrow morning..... so if you anyone else have any other suggestions let me know.

  22. I ordered all the parts today that you mentioned... half from newegg and the other half were a little cheaper on amazon...

    thanks again!
  23. No problem, shoot me a pm if you need a hand.
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