Pioneer DVD: 115 (w/ tray) or 106s (w/ slot)?

I'm looking at DVD players for the new system I'll be building soon, and I've pretty much narrowed it down to two drives, both by Pioneer, the DVD-115 which loads via a tray and lacks a digital audio connection and the DVD-106s which loads via slot and has the digital connection.

I have a few questions:
1. Which is faster?
2. Which is quieter?
3. Which is easier on the DVD's (I'm afraid of scratching DVD's if I use the slot-loading device).
4. What exactly does the digital audio connection let me do? I'm planning on having a Hercules Game Theater XP card with Klipsch Promedia 4.1 speakers, so will I want the digital connection?


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  1. Additionally, what kind of hardware decoding card do you guys recommend?
  2. 1. Same speed
    2. About the same
    3. I guess the slot loader would be slightly easier.
    4. It lets you connect the digital sound from the DVD player directly to your sound card and out through your digital out port to your digital speakers. Since you have the klipsch speakers which aren't digital, you have no need for the digital out right now.

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  3. I've ordered Pioneer 116. Same as 115 but with better DAE (Digital Audio Extraction) and reduced buffer (from 512 to 256 KB). It's also same as 106 with the difference that it is tray, and without digital audio output.

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  4. The Hollywood -something- the cheap one... I forget the exact name... is cheap and works fine.

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  5. I got a 16x Pioneer 116 (tray load). Works great.
    only gripe-can get a little loud, but not too loud that it bothers when watching a movie.
    the 115 is kinda old...go get the 116 like mine. if you want digital audio get the slot instead of tray.
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