Why does the mouse doesnt recognize a new battery

I have a Hp Touch Screen computer that supports 3 useres at the moment. I replaced the battery in the mouse and the little icon at the bottom of the screen stays red, like it's about to run out of power.... I thought it was a display issue and the mouse stopped working. I decided to log into another users account on the same computer and the mouse is GREEN like it should be.. I then went to the Owner and the 3rd user and they all show a GREEN mouse. I was just going to copy all the "stuff" saved to the desktop and move it to a new user. But, is there a solution for this?
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  1. You might need to re-sync the mouse, there's a re-sync button or a reset button on the bottom of the mouse, and there maybe one on the receivers aswell. If there is a button on both receiver and mouse just press both of them for around 5 seconds then release and hopefully they should sync up.
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