HWMonitor: Which gpu is which?

Not sure if this is the right place to ask but Ill try. Ive been playing Battlefield 3 (almost maxed out) a lot and it regularly (every 20 minutes to 1 hour) will freeze and lock up. After lots of research I think it may be because one of my video cards is overheating. I have 2-5850's, an XFX and a Sapphire. One card maxed out at 70C/157F, and the other 49C/120F.

However, I dont know which card hit 157 based on the HWM screen. There are two cards listed as the same name, one on top of the other. Anyone know which card is which? Is the HWM card on top the one in the first slot on the motherboard? Something like that?

I would post a picture/snipping tool image but I cant figure out how to do it.
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  1. 70C is no problem on a Graphics card.

    Check your cpu temperatures and also your psu.
  2. Ah snap, I didnt even think of that....I'll return and report in a few days.
  3. I was just playing and it happened again. Here is the HWMonitor screen capture:


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  4. GPUs can take over 90C so 72 is not really hot. Your cpu is also nice and cool. Your gpu voltages are messed up, 1.56v is not safe for the gpu, I think you should use something like msi afterburner and check the voltages, lock both at 1.1V max.
  5. The two GPU's should be at an similar voltage, and not one at 0.95-1.09 and the other at 1.26-1.56.
    Even a voltage of 1.26 is not very safe for an AMD GPU.

    If MSI Afterburner doesn't work, try ATI Tray Tools.

    Hope it helps! :)
  6. Im having a great time trying to figure out how to find the gpu voltage stuff and how to save it in MSI Afterburner. Any helps?
  7. Go in MSI Afterburner's Properties, Tick Unlock Voltage Control and Monitor. You can also choose to Enable Force Constant Voltage.
  8. Also, I forget, enable "Synchronize settings for similar graphic processors" so your two GPUs are synchronized, but I don't know if it works with two GPU from an different Brand.
  9. I did all that and the voltage was still hitting 1.36 and the gpu fans were auto at max settings or something, it was really loud. I couldnt find anywhere in the BIOS to adjust the gpu voltage.
  10. do you have any other programs that interfere with the gpus?
  11. I have Catalyst Control Center and a program called TOVERCLOCKER from Biostar, came with my motherboard. Here are some screen shots from TOVERCLOCKER. I cant find anywhere to change the voltage, unless it has a different name and I dont know what it is.

  12. get rid of both of those and use only afterburner and see if things work.
  13. Tried that, didnt work. Hummm..... Could it be a defective card? I wish I could change the voltage setting in the BIOS.
  14. very strange that the card would even be at those voltages. Can you check with some other program like gpu-z?
  15. Good suggestion, I'll try that.
  16. The following is data from after another crash:

    1. The first screenshot is HWMonitor. Still says the voltage is up to 1.56

    2. The second image is GPU-Z of the XFX card with all categories showing the max it reached.

    3. The third image is of the Sapphire card with all the categories showing the max it reached. Notice how the max voltage is 1.0875 compared to HWM 1.56. Weird. Also notice how much more this card is being utilized compared to the XFX (and the XFX is in the first slot, the x16 one and the Sapphire is in the x4 slot). The Sapphire GPU load reached 100% while the XFX only reached 41%. Temperatures and fan speed were much higher on the Sapphire as well. What do you think of all that?
  17. gpu z looks good, maybe its a driver problem. Or it could be a card problem.

    try uninstalling drivers with driver sweeper and reinstalling them.
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