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Hi guys!
Im in the market for a new computer because my current Intel Core 2 Duo ASUS laptop isn't keeping up with me anymore haha. I do a lot of CAD work (Photoshop, Cinema 4D, After Effects, 3DS Max), and my budget is about $900.

I don't game on the computer, I have my PS3 for that.

All I really need is a nice looking laptop or all-in-one desktop (I only want a tower if I'm going to build it myself, which I'm not this time around, probably next time though!).

If it is a laptop I want it to be fairly thin but I dont *need* ultrabook thin.
And the all-in-one just has to look good.

Otherwise its all really confusing. After researching for months and being very interested in specs and all, I'm well aware of what specs are powerful and what aren't, but it's still difficult.

I'm mostly wondering if for Photoshop and 3D rendering, do I need an i3, i5, or i7 processor. More than likely I'll need i5 or i7 obviously, but I'm throwing i3 in there just in case.

Also how much RAM would I need? 6GB or 8GB?

Lastly, do I need a dedicated graphics card or will the integrated Intel card do just fine? Because I don't play games on here but if a 1GB card will do something to help my work I'd love to know!

Obviously, the best choice would be a 8GB/i7 combo but do I need that? I'd love it to be fast but would an 6GB/i5 or 8GB/i5 work as good?

Well other than that I have no preferences.

If you have any recommended models that's great. But if you can just help me out with understanding what specs I really need, I can try to find one on my own !

Let me know!!
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  1. i7 with as much ran as you can get.

    Due to the nature of the work you do, you will generate alot of heat so I'm going to suggest a low end gaming laptop just because of ther better cooling solutions and (hopefully) an nvidia gpu for gpu accelerated apps (like PS/AE tools). Ideally you want at least 2 HDD so you are not reading and writing to the same drive at the same time.

    Newegg has two decent refurb ASUS's at a decent pricepoint:

    or a sager np6165 with the i7 upgrade and then add the 2nd HDD yourself. (about a grand) page=product_info&model_name=NP6165

    an MSI power pro 9:16 with the i7 for ~990
  2. Add some RAM to it, but the Dell Precision M4600 Mobile Workstation is pretty decent. It has a nice FirePro graphics card just for CAD work and either an i5 or i7.
  3. OMG. Did you see Dells crazy memory upgrade pricing? LMAO!!!!
  4. popatim said:
    OMG. Did you see Dells crazy memory upgrade pricing? LMAO!!!!

    Well... That's a sh*tload of money. But the rest of the system is solid and well priced. OP could always buy his own and do the upgrade himself.
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