Why desktop doesnt connect to internet while the laptop does

My desktop doesn't connect to the router and when i troubleshoot, it tells me that the ethernet cable is not plugges into the computer. But the ethernet cable is already plugged in. My two laptops have no problems connecting to the internet. Can any of you please help me?
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  1. Do the laptops work when plugged into the network cable that the desktop is using?
    Have you changed cables and/or ports on the router?
    Do you see any lights on the nic when the cable is plugged in?
    Is your nic listed in device manager as working correctly...no red or yellow marks on it?
  2. yes laptop works. No i havent changed the cables or routers. Yes i see the light. The nic doesnt have any problem in device manager.
    The problem is not with the router because when it first happened, i got a new router and the problem continues. And also since the laptop works
    when i plug in the cable, it must be with the computer.

    Do u think its a software or harware issue?

    Dell asked for 140 dollars to fix the problem and safety for a year and they insist its a harware problem. My friend ran a hardware scan for the ethernet card
    the problem is not with that either.

    Please help.
  3. Sounds like it is more than likely a hardware issue... which if that's the case, you can pick up a new nic pretty cheap. One last thing you can try is opening a command prompt and entering this command:

    c:\>netsh int ip reset

    That will reset the TCP/IP stack as if it were a clean install of Windows. If that doesn't work, my money is on a faulty NIC.
  4. no resetting the ip didnt help
  5. I'm afraid it does sound like a hardware issue. Fortunately a new NIC isn't expensive. Best of luck!
  6. would trying wireless internet help
  7. Do you already have a wireless adapter? If not it's essentially the same thing... you'd be buying a wireless NIC vs a standard NIC. Either way would be fine... if wireless works better for you--go for it!
  8. GO under network connection property, go to the internet protocol version 4 and make sure Obtain an ip auto is selected, Make sure ur router is set up to give out ip automatically for the wired connections. that's all I know to check
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